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PEJ As A Music Clinician
Pharis Evans Jr. has worked with some of the industry’s most known artists; thus, he’s had up close and personal relationships, and has learned more than much, along his journey throughout the music industry and music business. But most importantly, he has learned proper etiquette and artist development.
Pharis’ mission offers help for today, and hope for tomorrow. Striving to reach the ‘total man’ with a unique balance, by regarding, respecting, and having total understanding of melody, music and message.

The future mission of PEJ Communications, is to create a learning environment for youth, that provides the highest order of education in all major aspects of music; to establish a foundation for life-long growth in music. PEJ himself, wants to offer participants the knowledgeable means to develop both creative and critical skills; thus enabling them to synthesize their subjective experiences with history, theory and culture, while using a variety of PEJ-like approaches such as helping participants to mature in their God-given skills, invoking a greater understanding with problem-solving skills, and learning craftsmanship and teamwork through sustained effort. Above all, PEJ hopes to prepare youth to become thinking, articulate, respectful of genre, and conscientious citizens of musicianship.

• Pharis Evans Jr. Objectives as a Musical Clinician:
· Define and refine the individual talents by providing a broad range of major programs, and to prepare them for careers in music, that reflect the diversity of expression and opportunities to express their form of musical art
· To enable musicians and singers to employ their musical education in a global society, by providing a coherent liberal arts curriculum that informs their thinking about principles.
· To retain our leadership position in music education, and to ensure that a PEJ Communications Program of Study (syllabus) remains relevant by pledging to value musical learning, and the freedom to create audio art.
As a music workshop clinician, Pharis’ goal is to teach, and leave you with the know-how to carry on what has been taught. Pharis will teach, explain and impact each individual with a method in knowing how to advance in areas that are lacking.

After a Workshop or Seminar with Pharis Evans Jr.:
· Your music will be designed to represent
· Your musical characteristics will be greatly respected
· Your music will be more appealing to your targeted audience.

PEJ As A Motivational Speaker
Pharis’ focus and aim as a motivational speaker, is to provide practical business enthusiasm that will inspire individuals and groups to achieve a higher level of accomplishment, but most of all, feel better about themselves and believe in their capability, as well as build these skill sets in a way that will produce results that are compelling.
PEJ’s approach and method is rare, raw and righteous…capturing the mind while embracing the hearts of those that are connected in spirit, and focused with attention. His credentials have all to do with life’s lessons learned from the "School of Hard Knocks". However, he has been able to see, understand and operate in the deepest, yet truest objective sense of reality.

PEJ As An Author
Pharis’ books reveal various information to his readers by way of transparency, experience, wisdom and revelation from on high. Each and every book presents, offers, suggests, informs and enlightens…all with the intent and hope of seeing things from a wider and broader perspective – with an intent for a gain of knowledge and hope for greater living. PEJ hopes to plant seeds in the minds, hearts and spirits of readers for them to fertilize the seed customized to shape the best scope and purpose with Life application.

· For questions in one’s heart, a PEJ written book hopes to provide answers.
· For problems in one’s life, a PEJ written book hopes to provide solutions.
· For darkness in one’s sight, a PEJ written book hopes to provide light.

· For uncertainty in one’s mind, a PEJ written book hopes to provide knowledge.

 But most of all Pharis Evans Jr. strives to motivate, uplift and encourage.

Your Contribution Will Help Assist, and Further The Production & Releases For All Pharis Evans Jr. Personal Projects.

Being An Independent Artist Is More Of A Task Than One Unaffiliated With The Process Could Imagine. However, Pharis Evans, Jr. Is Passionate About Releasing All The Music He’s Been Blessed To Write and Produce. With Your Support, Production Can Be Done More Consistently & Without Compromise.

For Your Contribution Pharis Would Like To Bless You With A Receipt of Appreciation, Two Different, 2 CD Projects (4 CD's in total)

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The Second 2 CD Project Entitled “Drink From The Fountain” featuring Various Independent Artists Produced By Pharis Evans Jr. is a 2 CD Compilation That Includes Various Genres Of Inspirational Gospel -

Please Note: Per your indicated preference this project can come either digital, or hard copy (via mail)  please allow 7-10 business 

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